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Options for Permanent Residency in Canada through the Yukon PNP

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The Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) is a Canada PNP administered by the Yukon Territory. It seeks to attract abroad employees and entrepreneurs from across the world who have the desire, funds, and skills to help Yukon’s economy. With a population of less than 30,000 people, the country’s labour market is in urgent demand of overseas skilled employees to fill both skilled and unskilled employment.

Employers in Yukon actively recruit qualified workers, while immigration authorities want new firms that may help strengthen the economy and enrich the community. The majority of immigration hopefuls strive to enter well-known provinces such as British Columbia or Ontario. However, a less well-known Canada PNP programme, such as the Yukon Nominee Program, can provide an easy path to Permanent Residency.

The Yukon Nominee Program provides multiple immigration paths for foreign nationals seeking permanent residency in Canada. The YNP immigration  involve:

  • Yukon Skilled Employee
  • Yukon Critical Impact Worker
  • Yukon Business Nominee
  • Yukon Express Entry
  • Yukon Community Pilot

Yukon PNP Skilled Worker

The Yukon Nominee Program’s Skilled Worker Stream allows abroad people to seek a Provincial Nomination. Applicants must have professional job experience and a legal job offer from a Yukon company. Candidates who have received Provincial Nomination may seek for Permanent Residency with IRCC.

The Skilled Worker program is created to fulfill important labour market needs in Yukon. It allows businesses to nominate skilled foreign nationals for Canada PR.

Skilled Worker  applications are accepted all year long. Eligible applicants and companies in Yukon must work together to create an application process for the program. The employer must next make an application with the province for a Nomination. YNP typically approves applications in 8 to 10 weeks.

Yukon PNP Express Entry

The Yukon Government established the YNP Express Entry Stream in 2015. Candidates with an active Express Entry profile and a legal employment contract from a Yukon employer are capable of applying for Provincial Nomination. This path is compatible with the federal Express Entry system. It helps suitable applicants to get their Canada PR requests processed quickly.

Yukon PNP Critical Impact Worker

Eligible workers have the opportunity to receive provincial nomination under the Critical Impact Worker of the Yukon Nominee Program. The applicants must have moderate  work experience in addition to a legitimate job opportunity from a Yukon business. Successful individuals can apply to the IRCC for permanent residency with a provincial nomination.


The Yukon Nominee Program’s Critical Impact Worker stream recruits foreign employees with the necessary skills in mid or low-skilled occupations to help fill Yukon’s labour shortages.

To be eligible for the Critical Impact Worker Program, candidates must have a stable as well as active job opportunity from a Yukon company. The employment offer must be for a position in NOC – National Occupational Classification – at skill level D or C.

Before hiring an overseas national, the company must demonstrate that reasonable attempts were made to seek a Canadian to fill the job opening. Companies must also meet specific criteria for marketing the position. It covers a minimal of two local and one national recruitment platforms for an at least four weeks.

Yukon PNP Business Nominee

The Yukon Territory is looking for applicants with shown commercial and entrepreneurial talents to run their own firms in order to strengthen the territory’s economy. To be eligible for the Business Nominee Program, applicants must intend to own and operate a business in Yukon.


The Yukon Nominee Program’s Business Nominee stream provides qualifying overseas entrepreneurs with Canada Permanent Residency possibilities. Candidates must have financial and accounting expertise, as well as an interest in owning and operating a business in Yukon Territory. They must also meet the stream’s standards and have a net worth of not less than CAD 500,000.

Candidates who are nominated by Yukon are given a letter of support to petition for just a 2-year Work Permit through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. With this Work Permit, they can live in Yukon and create their organization and themselves. After two years, applicants who meet the qualifying criteria will be supported by Yukon to submit for Canada PR with IRCC.

The Yukon Nominee Program – Critical Impact Worker program tries to fill Yukon’s underemployment by bringing in abroad employees with relevant expertise in moderately or low-skilled professions.


Applicants must have a stable and full-time offer of employment from a Yukon company to be eligible for the Critical Impact Worker Program. The employment offer should be for a post at level of skill D or C in the NOC – National Occupational Classification.

Before hiring an overseas national, the company must demonstrate that reasonable attempts were made to seek a Canadian to fill the job opening. They must also meet specific criteria for promoting the vacancy. It covers a least of two local and one national recruitment platforms for a total of four weeks.

Yukon PNP Community Pilot Program

The Yukon Nominee Program’s Community Pilot Stream is a new visa option. It was established to meet the Territory’s particular labour business and financial demands. Candidates who pass the stream are given a 2-year unrestricted work visa with a geographic restriction.

Yukon need qualified professionals to fulfill the challenges of its labour market. The Yukon Government will extend invites to skilled professionals through to the Community Pilot program throughout the next three years. The goal is to recruit top people to the region and address job gaps in the market.

Program Prerequisites

You must in order to be eligible for the Canada Work Visa under the Community Pilot Program:-

  • Have two or three full-time job offers.
  • All bids must come from the same Yukon area.
  • The total number of hours worked each week must be at least 30, which is the equivalent of a full-time employment.
  • The offered jobs must not be on a contract basis
  • In general, it means that you have a proper, compensated job throughout the year.
  • The compensation must be at least the minimum pay or more.
  • Your experience must show that you are capable of handling the job’s demands.
  • Possess a letter of support signed by the Yukon government.
  • Fulfill the criteria outlined for a Canada Work Permit.

Eligibility Criteria for Yukon PNP

Eligibility requirements for the Yukon PNP

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of applying for the Yukon provincial Nominee program will depend on the stream which you are applying for and the number of dependent family members who intend to accompany you. Get in touch with us for a personalized consultation from our Canada immigration advisors