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The Canadian Business Immigration program is tailored for applicants who wish to open or control a Canadian business. It is designed to promote economic development and employment and also attract investors as well as entrepreneurs, living outside Canada with venture capital and business acumen.

Global-V Immigration

Canada offers a variety of ways to access the market, which is quite advantageous for beginning a business and investing.

The purpose of a business visa is to allow temporary travel for the purpose of conducting business in Canada.

They may travel to Canada with the intention of developing their network of contacts in the business world and participating in global marketplaces. Through the Entrepreneur Stream of different Provincial Nominee Programs, it can be possible to get permanent residency (PNPs). Each province has its own rules and eligibility standards, which may include a government deposit, a minimal investment, a minimum net worth, or prior business management experience.

There are four different programmes:

1. Self-Employed (includes Cultural Activities, Athletes, Farm Management)

    A self-employed person is a foreign national who:

  • taking part in world-class cultural or athletic endeavours possesses a minimum of two years of relevant experience, either as a self-employed

  • Intends and is able to be self-employed in Canada

  • can make a contribution to the Canadian economy in one of the necessary fields

​​​​2. Start-Up Visa:

  • A pledge from a recognised Canadian Angel Investor, designated Venture Capital Fund, or designated Business Incubator is required of applicants under this Federal initiative.

  • Applicants also require minimum language ability

  • 1 year at the very least of post-secondary education

  • possess enough money for settlement

3. Entrepreneur Program:

Entrepreneurs have been encouraged to apply for this immigration channel because they are a major contribution to the economy of Canada and a source of fresh and consistent employment creation. Successful candidates can start or grow their business in Canada and eventually acquire permanent resident status there.

  • Within two years after moving to Canada, start, purchase, or invest a minimum amount in a Canadian company that will significantly boost the country’s economy.

  • Participate in the economic process on a regular basis and actively.

  • Hire or recruit a minimum of one citizen of Canada or a permanent resident the entrepreneur and his dependents.

4. Business PNP Programs

There are many opportunities for company investment under Canadian PNP programmes:

  • British Columbia PNP

  • Manitoba PNP

  • New Brunswick PNP

  • Northwest Territories PNP

  • Nova Scotia PNP

  • Ontario PNP

  • Prince Edward Island PNP

  • Quebec PNP

Benefits of Canada Business Immigration

There are several benefits of acquiring a Canada Business Visa, from better infrastructure, availability of resources, and to having access to world markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Express Entry Profile is the online profile that candidates build on the EE System for Canada Immigration. It includes their demographic information as well as other important information, such as their educational background, work history, age, language ability, and critical skills.